Blog-OWEEN: Chunky Butternut Squash Chocolate Chip Cookies

Blog-OWEEN—one week of inspired self-care ideas (Oct. 24th-31st).  Self-care is creating a platform to help you manifest the life you want to live,  it looks different for everyone.  Self-care is key; internally, externally, and always cooking good food. Who doesn’t love a good Halloween treat?  After all, Halloween is a “holiday” that encourages eating sugar so I thought itContinue reading “Blog-OWEEN: Chunky Butternut Squash Chocolate Chip Cookies”

Blog-OWEEN: Halloween Inspired Self-Care Routine

Blog-OWEEN-one week of Halloween inspired self-care ideas (Oct 24th-31st). Self-care is creating a platform to help you manifest the life you wan to live, it looks different for everyone. Self-care is key, internally, externally and always cooking good food. I’m not sure if anyone has used this title before but blog-OWEEN is my attempt toContinue reading “Blog-OWEEN: Halloween Inspired Self-Care Routine”

WEDNESDAY WINS: Seven Things You Can Start Doing This Week To Improve Your Self-care Habits

Starting this week I plan on posting seven steps you can take to incorporate self-care in your daily routine. These post will also be a weekly self-care challenge. Which means I’m challenging us to do one of the self-care options each day of the week until the following Wednesday or you can do all sevenContinue reading “WEDNESDAY WINS: Seven Things You Can Start Doing This Week To Improve Your Self-care Habits”

I’m Not Afraid to Admit When I’ve Failed

A few weeks ago I decided to make tuna steak for dinner. I’ve made it before and paired it with a salad and it turned out well but this time I failed. I like sushi, but for some reason having the raw center after I cook fish did not sit well with me at all.Continue reading “I’m Not Afraid to Admit When I’ve Failed”

Back At It….AGAIN!

Exercising! I call it the trifecta, you’re either born loving it, can’t stand it, or you’re on again/off again.   Based on the title of this blog you probably guessed that I fall under the latter, I feel like most people do.  Recently I realized that I was probably putting a lot of pressure on myself in theContinue reading “Back At It….AGAIN!”

I Didn’t Like It

I was getting tired of eating the same sides with every meal.  Green beans, broccoli, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, etc.  I wanted to try different veggies so the last time I went to the grocery store I bought turnips.  I don’t know if I’ve ever had them before; I know I’ve never made them before and I was notContinue reading “I Didn’t Like It”